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Maximising your site's traffic

Search engine optimisation can be a bit of a dark art. There's usually a lot more to it than people realise and, when you start to look into it it can seem complicated.

We're here to cut through all that. we can put a strategy in place that will make the most of your positions in major search engines and maximise your traffic.


Beware of companies that guarantee top spot

As we will discuss, there are several aspects to gaining a position in search engines. Some of them are free and some are paid-for. Companies that guarantee top positions are usually offering one of three things:

  1. Paid for listings which you have to keep paying for on a monthly basis to keep on top
  2. Top position for some obscure variation on the key phrases you really want
  3. A temporary one/two week bump that won't last

What we offer is a solution designed to create long-term value in your website so that you can achieve a strong position for your site and maintain it going forward.

We can do all this for you but sometimes clients want to do the ongoing work themselves depending on how much time / money / confidence they have.

To help you understand what's involved we have written a guide listing what's involved. If you want any advice - no obligation - just give us a ring, we'll be happy to help.


Free Guide to Search Engine Optimisation

The following few pages are intended as a guide to search engine optimisation for anyone who isn't sure exactly where to start or what is involved. Anything that crops up that isn't answered here, just call us on 01625 540146 and we'll talk you through it.


How do Search Engines Work? »

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