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2. Determine your current position

Needless to say this is only relevant if you are optimising an existing site rather than building a new one!


Obviously you can't tell whether you've improved your position without measuring your current one. We can generate report to tell you where you are in the major search engines for your key phrases and then we measure your improvement at regular intervals.


3. Audit your site construction

As site construction is the key part of any SEO strategy, we will audit your current site to determine what needs to be done.


Measurement is carried out of the key factors, such as:

  • Proper, efficiently optimised alt tags and metatags
  • Keyword density within text
  • Use of headers and bold text
  • Links, internal and in-bound
  • Page sizes (loading speed)
  • Site structure
  • Site depth and adherence to the "3 click rule"
  • Repetitive content
  • Crawlability for web spiders
  • Use of CSS vs. Tables
  • W3C web standards compliance
  • Spelling
  • Use of analytics software


There are a lot of factors to look at because the truth is there is no one thing that makes all the difference. Each element has a different importance and they all add up to the whole.


To fully optimise a site you need to address all the elements and they all have an incremental effect in getting you where you want to be.


From this we can come up with a list of recommendations about what needs to be done, which clearly leads on to the next step

Implementing the Optimisation »

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